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testing an inverter

​Gwangju, Korea, from October 31 to November 2, 2018 – CESI is attending the Bitgaram International Expo of Electric Power Technology (BIXPO),one of the foremost world’s invention competitions encouraging innovation and entrepreneurships within the electric sector. BIXPO serves various needs required by the fast-changing world of electric power industry through the New Technology Exhibition, the […]
HVDC: Back to the future
​The future began in Gotland in 1950. It is here, between this island 90 kilometers off the coast of Sweden and the mainland, that the first direct current connection for the transmission of electricity was made. Though limited in size and power, the project has had enormous resonance. In fact, the prototype developed by ABB […]
HP Labs drive national grids into the future
​ Since the second industrial revolution, the industry development has been strictly dependent from the availability of electric power and the reliability of the electric generation and distribution infrastructure. The reliability of an electric network could be seen as the combined reliability of its power components; since many decades, third party laboratories are trusted institutions […]
CESI supports TSE Testing Laboratory Feasibility
CESI has been awarded a strategic study for TSE Türk Standardları Enstitüsü (the Turkish Standard Institute), institution interested to establish a testing laboratory able to cope with the increasing needs of testing services coming from the fast-growing domestic electromechanical market. TSE was founded in Turkey in 1960 with the purpose of providing services of standardization, […]
Products Expertise
Power Electronics
The growth of distributed power generation is driving the increasing use of power electronics equipment to connect renewable energy sources to existing grids. For component manufacturers and utilities, testing is the key to ensuring these grid inverters and converters perform as specified. In our lab we set electrical boundary conditions for realistic grid conditions and […]
Technical papers
Proving reliability of High Voltage cable systems: AC and DC critical aspects
In a changing electrical market, driven by renewable energies, the target is to get wind or solar energy to the cons​umption centers. Nowadays Transmission System Operators (TSO) are worldwide searching for innovative solutions in developing the transmission grid and, as a result, it is likely that the application of extra high voltage AC and DC […]
Barcelona, November 6  2017 – CESI is at the 2017 INMR World  Congress, presenting two papers. On top of that, our company is pleased to welcome participants to its stand, n.° 59&60, in the exhibition area. The first CESI paper “Trends in Energy & Electrical Power Worldwide & Impact on Development of T&D Systems” will […]
Technical papers
New trends of the electrical market: challenges and opportunities for HV Cables
​In a changing electrical market, driven by renewable energies, the target is to get wind or solar energy to the consumption centers . Nowadays Transmission System Operators (TSO) are worldwide searching for innovative solutions in developing the transmission grid and, as a result, it is likely that the application of extra high voltage AC and […]
Technical papers
Certification of recharging stations for electric vehicles
The evaluation of conformity of electric products has for years now been a warranty element in the market. Certifying Bodies work in a consolidated way and are acknowledged by national and international reference organizations. The arrival of new products in the market, in particular those for which wide diffusion and usability by the public is […]
Technical papers
Ferroresonance in Inductive Voltage Transformers Or Power Voltage Transformers: analysis, laboratory tests and solutions
A ferroresonance analysis related to HV Inductive Voltage Transformers (IVT) and power Voltage Transformers or Station Service Transformers (PVT/SST) was addressed to develop models based on EMT formulation, enabling detailed ferroresonance risk analyses in specific HV station conditions and helping in the equipment technical specifications (including anti-ferroresonance remedial provisions). The research relied on a comparison […]
The first European independent HVDC lab
​The new lab represents a global center of excellence and is based on “state-of-the-art” technologies for testing cables, components and innovative systems for High Voltage Direct Current, a strategic asset for long distance energy transmission. It is the first and biggest European independent laboratory for Direct Current and it leverages the most modern technologies able […]
CESI is absolute majority shareholder ISTEDIL
CESI, with 81.17% of the share capital, becomes the absolute majority shareholder of ISTEDIL- Istituto Sperimentale per l’Edilizia. Today it was formalized the acquisition of the 31.17% of shares owned by ANCE- Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili, which are added to the 50% stake already owned by CESI. The perfect combination of CESI and Istedil’s know-how […]
WEC China 2013
CESI intensifying its active role as WEC Global partner Domenico Villani, Director of Testing &Certification Division of CESI as well as Managing Director of the two German controlled companies IPH GmbH and FGH Engineering and Test GmbH, will take part as discussion leader to the round table in Beijing on the 24th-25th April. After its […]
Technical papers
Assessing the impact of transmission investments on the Italian Ancillary Services Market using MODIS simulator
The justification of transmission investments is becoming more complex and challenging with respect to the past decades since environmentally friendly solutions shall be adopted and the benefits for the society must be clearly highlighted and quantified. Clear and objective indicators of the benefits arising from transmission projects are playing a key role to foster the […]
Conventional PP, Industrial & Oil&gas
Oil&Gas Infrastructures
CESI has developed a unique specialized service portfolio to support oil and gas companies in different areas, including:
Know-how: Italy is a step ahead
“The Italian power sector has many excellent features. Our CCGT power generation fleet is among the most efficient in the world; we set an example for a lot of other countries. We have installed 32 million electronic power meters, which is unprecedented globally speaking. Our service quality levels provide a European benchmark”. Matteo Codazzi, CEO […]
Environmental Site assessment & Feasibility Studies
Environmental impact assessments, including soil and groundwater investigation, are often mandatory, for example in response to a spill or when the site is part of larger Sites of National Concern. In other cases, Environmental impact assessment is required for contractual reasons (e.g. before the purchase or sale of a site) or where it is necessary […]
System Adequacy and Market Modelling
The Electric power System has a very important role for the economic development and welfare and is at the heart of a sustainable way to use energy. It is the largest machine ever been engineered: in Italy 60 thousand kilometers of transmission power lines – one and half time the circumference of the Earth – […]
CESI on sustainable mobility
26th October 2017 – Milan. Yesterday CESI presented a new report about sustainable mobility realized together with Assolombarda. The report – Sustainable Mobility: Energetic Solutions, Technologies and Business Opportunities – describes sustainable mobility scenario in Italy and Europe up to 2025, giving policymakers updated information and development hypothesis in order to develop energetic and transportation […]
Energy bridge
​Matteo Codazzi, CEO at CESI, takes part to the RES4MED official launch event in Rome on May 3, 2012. The conference includes among others Corrado Clini (Italian Minister of the Environment), Piero Gnudi (Italian Minister for Tourism) and Francesco Starace (RES4MED President). Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean region South and East Mediterranean Countries are […]