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CESI to make Smart Metering a reality in Oman

CESI to make Smart Metering a reality in Oman
24 . Feb . 2015

Electricity Holding Company (Nama Group) has signed a contract with CESI Middle East  aiming to introduce ‘automated meter reading’ technology (AMR, also called smart-metering) for high value customers. The agreement with CESI Middle East was signed in the presence of senior executives from EHC’s subsidiaries. According to the agreement, CESI will help EHC and its subsidiaries to develop the blueprint for the AMR implementation for high value customers in Oman. CESI will be responsible for defining the customer segments and functional requirements of AMR. In addition, CESI will plan the rollout approach, outlining security measures and standards, designing the market messaging system, detailing the solution architecture and system level designs to be employed in the AMR System, identifying meter specifications, telecommunications media and IT solutions and Meter Data Management System (MDMS) and charting out the testing strategy, governance practices, risk evaluation and mitigation practices .

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