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ITCOLD – Masera re-election

ITCOLD – Masera re-election
29 . Jun . 2012

The meeting of the Presidential Council of ITCOLD (Italian National Committee) part of ICOLD (International Commission of Large Dams) was held for appointment of advisers for a period of three years 2012 – 2014 in Rome, Italy on May 2012.
Our colleague Alberto Masera (CESI, EEI Division, Seriate) was reconfirmed for the next term.
The participation in the Presidential Council of ITCOLD represents a challenging opportunity for CESI to keep the lead role at international level in dam engineering, with focus on operation & maintenance aspects – dam design – risk assessment and monitoring, that made ISMES famous worldwide.
The next 9th ICOLD European Symposium will be organized by ITCOLD in Venice from 10 to12 April 2013 and CESI will be there!!

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