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09 . 08 . 2013
Davide Capra
Verification of magnetic field prediction of a 3d computer model on mv/lv substation
A 3D computer model has been developed for predicting magnetic fields in order to comply with legislation concerning safety and environment issues. The developed software, named “EMF-CS”, allows the user to predict and simulate magnetic fields generated by electrical MV/LV substations whose magnetic field emission has to be evaluated inside the plant as well as […]
01 . 08 . 2008
Alessandro Bertani
Smart Grids: Preliminary MV Network Model using real time digitalsimulator and real devices in a closed loop control
The wide diffusion of Distributed Generation (DG) represents a possible development of modern electrical systems that can evolve towards “Smart Grids”. In fact, Smart-Grids should manage energy production and loads in a smart way, through appropriate communication systems and applications to be designed for the scope. Moving in this direction, Enel Distribuzione, built up a […]