Technical Papers

Smart Grids: Preliminary MV Network Model using real time digitalsimulator and real devices in a closed loop control

01 . Aug . 2008
The wide diffusion of Distributed Generation (DG) represents a possible development of modern electrical systems that can evolve towards “Smart Grids". In fact, Smart-Grids should manage energy production and loads in a smart way, through appropriate communication systems and applications to be designed for the scope. Moving in this direction, Enel Distribuzione, built up a new centre in Milan to carry out research and development activity on smart grids, adopting simulation systems and innovative instruments. In particular, a real time digital simulator (RTDS) is being used to study the behaviour of the network in critical situation and to test the interaction with the devices to be developed. This paper is focused on the simulation activity taking place on RTDS and some preliminary results are presented. ​​

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