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Mitigating Flood Risks Through Attenuation Strategies

<strong>Mitigating Flood Risks Through Attenuation Strategies</strong>
22 . Mar . 2024

On March 20th, the seminar titled “Use of Reservoirs for Flood Attenuation: Attenuation Plans,” organized by ITCOLD, took place at the FAST Auditorium in Piazzale Morandi, Milan. During the event, ISMES provided insights into the role of reservoirs in mitigating flood risks, emphasizing their potential to minimize damages and human losses during extreme events. ISMES discussed the utilization of reservoirs for downstream flow attenuation, highlighting the savings in reservoir capacity and the importance of downstream planning to preserve flood memory and prevent inappropriate development.

“ISMES expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate, sharing our expertise in mathematical modeling for flood attenuation using reservoirs. It was a stimulating moment of exchange and interaction with high-level technical experts. We extend our gratitude to all participants for their contributions and are excited to continue working together to harness the full potential of reservoirs in safeguarding our communities against flooding,” said Francesco Carnevale, ISMES General Manager, and Technical Director.

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