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Last EJ27: Adapting Energy to Climate Shifts

Last EJ27: Adapting Energy to Climate Shifts
03 . Jan . 2024

It is online the latest issue of CESI Journal, EJ27: ‘Adapting Energy to Climate Change’.This edition closely examines the digital innovation of energy infrastructure and the essential need to keep electric grids resilient amid increasingly extreme meteorological phenomena. Delving into innovation, investment, and the crucial role of networks, this issue confronts the challenges posed by climate change .

This issue sheds light on the recent surge in extreme weather events, like the intense heatwaves increasingly impacting distribution networks on a larger scale. With forecasts indicating that Europe will face such extreme conditions every 1-2 years over the next decade, particularly in its southern regions, the challenge to maintain resilient networks is more pressing than ever. This topic, among others, is thoroughly explored in EJ27.

At COP28 in Dubai, over 70,000 delegates from 190+ countries gathered to discuss these urgent challenges, topics further explored in this issue’s ‘Scenario’ section. Europe’s decarbonization efforts at COP28, targeting a 47% renewable energy share by 2050, align with the Net Zero Carbon Strategy to limit global warming to 1.5°C. HVDC technology, essential for long-distance clean energy transmission, is a focus, supporting a 20% CO2 reduction by 2030. This issue’s ‘Top Story’ covers the expansion of the CESI Group Division and KEMA Labs, which now boasts the world’s largest global HVDC cable testing lab and has led over 40 major HVDC projects worldwide. KEMA Labs’ Milan expansion features specialized testing areas and state-of-the-art technology, anticipating extensive project testing.

The ‘Industries and Countries’ section highlights global energy transition investments, reaching a record US$1.3 billion in 2022, though concentrated in limited technologies and countries. Investment in electric network modernization is expected to increase significantly by 2030.

The issue also covers the US’s US$3.5 billion investment in grid resilience, and the European Investment Bank’s €37 billion in climate-related projects in 2022, noting nuclear energy’s re-emergence in sustainable transition discussions. It concludes with insights from key institutional figures on the changing energy landscape.

EJ27 is available online and as a PDF , with direct article links and an e-book format for iPad and iPhone.

Enjoy the read!

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