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KEMA Labs Launches Podcast Series on the Energy Sector

KEMA Labs Launches Podcast Series on the Energy Sector
13 . Jun . 2024

KEMA Labs presents the first episode of the KEMA Labs Podcast, a series exploring key energy sector topics with insights from industry experts.

In the premiere, host Antonio Boccuni, KEMA Labs Marketing & Strategic Tools Manager, talks with Shankar Subramany, Director of the Global Business Unit for High Power Laboratories at KEMA Labs. They explore the critical shift away from SF6 gas in high voltage equipment. Ever wondered why SF6 is being phased out? This episode tackles the shift from SF6 gas in high voltage equipment due to its high global warming potential and growing restrictions. Shankar explains the challenges and opportunities as SF6 faces global bans. With a remarkable 35-year career shaping the switchgear industry and international standards, Shankar delivers a treasure trove of expertise on high power testing and the industry’s future.

What does the future hold for F-gas-free switchgear? Tune in to find out about innovative solutions and emerging trends in the industry.

Listeners will gain insights into the move towards F-gas-free switchgear, discover emerging solutions, and explore future trends.

Tune into the first episode here and stay tuned for more!

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