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KEMA Labs Launches Its Unique Test Documentation

<strong>KEMA Labs Launches Its Unique Test Documentation</strong>
19 . Jan . 2024

KEMA Labs is pleased to announce the official launch of its test documentation, marking an important step  following the successful integration of legacy CESI and KEMA testing, inspection, and certification activities.

In a major step towards harmonization, starting January 2024, KEMA Labs will begin a progressive rollout of its unique test documents across all units and locations. These documents, including comprehensive reports and certificates, will now be issued under the unified KEMA Labs brand.

A notable change in this initiative is the update in the format and official recognition of test documents. Moving forward, digitally controlled and sealed PDF versions of these reports will be recognized as the original documents. This enhancement in security and authenticity aligns with KEMA Labs’ ongoing commitment to sustainable practices.

For those clients who prefer a physical format, the iconic ‘KEMA green book,’ a leather-bound collection of paper report copies, will still be available on request for an additional charge.

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