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KEMA Labs Enhances High Voltage Laboratory

KEMA Labs Enhances High Voltage Laboratory
16 . Feb . 2024

KEMA Labs, a division of the CESI Group TIC, has initiated a substantial plan to upgrade its high voltage laboratory in Chalfont, PA. This initiative, started a year ago, aims to enhance its testing services significantly.

The project has expanded the laboratory’s capabilities to include stand-alone dielectric testing, aiming to draw new clientele. Currently, the facility offers lightning impulse testing up to 1,400 kV, switching impulse testing up to 900 kV, and various other tests adhering to IEEE and IEC standards.

Key upgrades include the installation of a new Haefely resonant test system, the Omicron MPD-800 system for precise partial discharge and RIV measurements, and an advanced automatic grounding system for the lightning impulse generator.

With these strategic investments and initiatives, KEMA Labs’s high voltage laboratory in Chalfont is now better positioned to increase its market presence and enhance service delivery in the North American high voltage testing market.

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