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Inspiring Our Future: Unveiling Our New Payoff!

<strong>Inspiring Our Future: Unveiling Our New Payoff!</strong>
19 . Feb . 2024

We’re pleased to unveil our new company payoff, crafted to align with our values and mission more closely. This new slogan embodies our dedication to innovation and excellence, guiding us towards a more sustainable future.

What sets this payoff apart is how it was created. Instead of being devised in a boardroom, it emerged from the collective creativity and passion of our colleagues. Based on a brief that outlined our values and mission, we invited all our Group colleagues worldwide to contribute their ideas. From their submissions, three payoff finalists were chosen, and the final selection was made through a company-wide vote. This process highlights the collaborative spirit at the heart of our culture.

To see our new slogan, click on the link and watch the unveiling animation:

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, as we move forward with renewed energy and commitment. Together, we’re shaping an inspired and  brighter future!

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