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HVDC Infrastructure: Key to Clean Energy Transition

<strong>HVDC Infrastructure: Key to Clean Energy Transition</strong>
16 . Jan . 2024

CESI is playing an important role in the global shift towards a cleaner, more interconnected energy system. The company’s international strategy hinges on adopting innovative yet proven technologies to significantly reduce annual CO2 emissions. At the heart of this transformative process is the High voltage Direct Current (HVDC) infrastructure, key to efficiently transmitting clean electricity across vast distances. This system links renewable energy sources in remote areas directly with major consumption centers.

Domenico Villani, CEO of CESI, notes, “Our expanded testing capabilities are crucial for ensuring the resilience, reliability, and safety of electrical infrastructures. Notably, our state-of-the-art Milan and Mannheim laboratories for HVDC cable testing are the largest globally.” This growth allows CESI to perform over 78,000 cumulative test hours and qualify up to nine cable projects in an area spanning more than 3,100 square meters. Each cable is rigorously tested to meet international standards, mirroring up to 40 years of operation under challenging technical conditions.

Villani further underscores the importance of this development, adding, “The push for decarbonization, a key focus of COP28, aims not just to combat climate change but also to enhance energy independence. Expanding HVDC interconnections is critical in stabilizing energy prices, reducing geopolitical risks, and lessening reliance on fossil fuels.”

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