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EJ28: Energy innovation: the digital transformation

EJ28: Energy innovation: the digital transformation
10 . Jun . 2024

Our latest edition of our Energy Journal, “Energy innovation: the digital transformation” (EJ28) is now online. This edition offers a comprehensive exploration of various perspectives from institutional and business representatives on the forefront of digital innovation within the energy sector.

Highlighted in this edition:

In his statement, Fatih Birol, Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), stresses the crucial role of governments worldwide in providing leadership, strategy, and incentives for investors and innovators. This is particularly pertinent as major projects are being planned for financing, development, and management by 2030. There’s also a notable opportunity for developing countries to leverage rapid infrastructure expansion to access new value chains.

A significant focus is placed on investments made by the United States, China, and the European Union in projects aimed at addressing the “Twin Transition.” These investments are crucial for enhancing data management and facilitating energy systems to meet the green transition objectives set for this decade.

The digital revolution is in full swing within the energy sector, with artificial intelligence and big data playing pivotal roles in enhancing efficiency, optimizing distribution networks, and refining energy supply and demand forecasts. Nevertheless, challenges persist as operators and authorities work to resolve issues stemming from this digital transformation, including the significant energy consumption of data centers.

Dive into the full edition of ” Energy innovation: the digital transformation ” online now for in-depth articles and expert insights.

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