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CESI Welcomes Experts for Al Faw Grand Port Project

<strong>CESI Welcomes Experts for Al Faw Grand Port Project</strong>
13 . Mar . 2024

From March 5th to 7th, CESI’s Geosynthetics Laboratory in Piacenza hosted a delegation of global experts involved in the Al Faw Grand Port project in Iraq. The lab has been designated as a Third Party Laboratory for mechanical and hydraulic tests on geosynthetics used in soil improvement for the port.

Located at the Shat-al-Arab river mouth in southern Iraq, the Al Faw Grand Port is a cornerstone of regional development, including an industrial zone, a new city, wind farms, and integrated transport networks. Managed by the General Company of Ports of Iraq (GCPI), with Technital as the main planner and Daewoo E&C responsible for construction, the project’s first phase involves extensive dredging, quay wall construction, and land reclamation for a container terminal. Additionally, a pioneering highway project featuring the Middle East’s first submerged tunnel is in progress, connecting the port with Umm-Qasr.

The initiative faces significant challenges such as demining, logistical complexities, soft soil, and material sourcing. Soil improvement strategies include prefabricated vertical drains and preloading, with CESI’s lab playing a crucial role in quality assurance for the next year.

During a visit to the Piacenza lab, stakeholders from GCPI, Technital, Daewoo E&C, and CESI, including prominent figures such as Mohammed Wael, Ahmed Watheq, Piero Pampanin, Emre Dilberoglu, and Riccardo Mozzi, reviewed testing processes. This collaboration highlights the commitment to the Al Faw Grand Port’s success and Iraq’s infrastructure enhancement.

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