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CESI at National Grid SA (NG) Forum

<strong>CESI at National Grid SA (NG) Forum</strong>
04 . Mar . 2024

The Power System Planning Forum hosted by National Grid SA (NG) in Riyadh, which took place on February 28th and 29th, concluded last week. Our colleagues Gianluca Marini, EVP Consulting Division, Pierluigi Vicini, Managing Director Consulting Division and Stefano Malgarotti, Engineering Consulting Director in Consulting Division, attended the event.

Stefano Malgarotti delved into the critical aspects of energy interconnections and decarbonization. He detailed CESI’s key role in addressing challenges such as deep-sea cable installations and the conversion of AC lines to DC. CESI has played a pivotal role in a multitude of interconnection projects, where the emphasis on technology of each project stands at the forefront of its efforts.

Moreover, Malgarotti shared insights into CESI’s interconnection assessments, underscoring the significance of feasibility studies, their outcomes, and the structure of tender documents for HVDC projects.

CESI’s expertise in owner’s engineering activities has been instrumental in the successful execution of these projects. This approach not only demonstrates CESI’s unwavering commitment to advancing interconnections but also addresses the challenges associated with decarbonization.

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