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At CESI, Women’s Day is all year round

<strong>At CESI, Women’s Day is all year round</strong>
11 . Mar . 2024

Last Friday marked International Women’s Day, a celebration embraced all over the world. However, our Group’s dedication to recognizing the contributions of our women colleagues extends beyond March 8th, manifesting daily throughout the year. For this reason, today we spotlight the significant roles played by three of our colleagues: Roberta Campesato, Head of the CESI Space Solar Cell Unit; Daniela Colombo of the Consulting Division; and Chandra Pallem, Principal Consultant at EnerNex.

Roberta Campesato has led our Group to the forefront of high-efficiency solar cell research and development for space satellites. Our efforts have equipped over 100 satellites with more than 200,000 cells across 25 countries. Campesato underscores the strategic importance of sustaining research and production of high-technology products in Europe, aiming to provide young Europeans with training and employment opportunities in the space sector.

Beyond the realms of space technology, CESI has been confronting environmental challenges through sustainable strategies and innovative techniques within our consulting practices. Daniela Colombo has been instrumental for over two decades, designing monitoring plans and conducting field surveys to collect vital data on aquatic ecosystems. Her dedication exemplifies the pivotal role women play in propelling science and research forward.

Chandra Pallem’s 15-year journey as a Principal Consultant at EnerNex showcases her dedication and innovation, especially in transmission systems and utility studies. Her adept project management skills, along with her contributions to proposal writing and business development, demonstrate her commitment to creating an inclusive workplace. Pallem’s passion for renewable energy highlights the importance of diverse perspectives in engineering and technology, underscoring the need to elevate the roles of women to drive innovation and progress.

These are three exemplary instances, but there are other remarkable women making significant contributions in our Group. We really believe that their contribution is crucial for us to foster innovation and progress.

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