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Advancing Gulf Ancillary Services for Renewable Energy Integration

Advancing Gulf Ancillary Services for Renewable Energy Integration
17 . May . 2024

The Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) hosted the GCC Ancillary Services meeting at its headquarters in Dammam on April 29th and 30th, 2024. The meeting marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to develop the ancillary services market in the Gulf region. Over the past year, CESI has been supporting GCCIA in conducting a comprehensive study aimed at fostering the growth of ancillary services.

These services, which include reserve exchange and imbalance netting, play a crucial role in enhancing the readiness of GCC electrical networks to accommodate the fluctuations associated with renewable energy sources. Dr. Nasser Al-Shahrani, GCCIA’s COO and team leader, highlighted the importance of ancillary services in ensuring the stability and reliability of the region’s power grid.

The meeting saw fruitful discussions on the latest developments regarding a promising pilot project for ancillary services. Our consultants, who have been actively involved in the study, presented various proposals and regulatory evolutions aimed at facilitating the exchange of ancillary services among member states.

One of the key objectives of the initiative is to promote the integration of renewable energy sources into the region’s energy mix. By leveraging ancillary services, GCCIA aims to optimize the utilization of renewable energy while achieving potential financial savings for member states.

The event underscored the commitment of GCCIA and its partners to advancing the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future in the Gulf region. As efforts continue to unfold, stakeholders remain optimistic about the prospects of further enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the region’s power infrastructure.

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