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Advancing Flood Protection

<strong>Advancing Flood Protection</strong>
19 . Mar . 2024

On March 20th, the Seminar “Use of Reservoirs for Flood Attenuation. Attenuation Plans.” organized by ITCOLD will be held at the FAST Auditorium in Piazzale Morandi, Milan.

In recent years, flood attenuation for hydraulic protection of downstream areas of dams has become significantly important, considering the devastating effects of floods on inhabited territories. Proper management of existing reservoirs with suitable characteristics can help limit, if not entirely mitigate, damages and human losses.

ISMES, a leading consultancy firm in dam-related issues since the 1950s, will be represented by Engineer Alessandro Cadore. He will serve as a speaker, discussing “theoretical hydraulic and mathematical aspects” of flood hydrograph attenuation for downstream territory protection.

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