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Wind of Change: Sustainable Innovations

<strong>Wind of Change: Sustainable Innovations</strong>
24 . Nov . 2023

Introducing the latest issue of EJ, CESI’s Energy Journal: “Wind of Change: Sustainable Innovations.” Issue 26 highlights the advancement of sustainable solutions within the energy sector, with a specific emphasis on European initiatives where policy and technological innovation intersect with urgency .

This issue coincides with the release of our Group’s Sustainability Policy, an accompanying document that elaborates on integrating sustainability into our core practices and values. This approach extends beyond environmental considerations, embracing a broader commitment to social responsibility.

A key feature of this edition is the EU’s revised energy strategy, which represents a significant pivot towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Additionally, the strategy includes the role of nuclear energy as an essential component of the decarbonization strategy. This is in line with the REPowerEU initiative introduced in May 2022. However, a report by the World Bank underscores a contrasting reality: financial support for fossil fuels remains substantially higher than funding for climate change mitigation actions outlined in the Paris Agreement.

The “Top Story” section delves into the role of wind energy in the global energy transition, exploring the promising future and industrial potential of offshore technology. With goals to achieve 8 terawatts by 2050, the wind energy sector presents an exceptional opportunity for countries like Italy, recognized for their leadership in wind technology and infrastructure.

According to an International Energy Agency forecast, by 2030, solar photovoltaic capacity globally is expected to fulfill the annual demand projected in the “Net Zero Emissions by 2050” scenario. This necessitates a major overhaul of energy sources for countries like India, which must transition from coal and oil to achieve carbon neutrality. The “Industries and Countries” article investigates how various nations are approaching the sustainable transition challenge, with North African countries notably engaging in renewable energy partnerships.

The “Future and Technologies” articles in EJ offer an insight into CESI’s efforts to foster increasingly sustainable energy forms, ranging from space energy projects to the exploration of critical raw materials, and emphasizing the role of testing labs in the development and evaluation of advanced technology.

Elevating energy sustainability remains a key priority for CESI, influencing all aspects of our work. We engage in consulting, conduct studies on the integration of renewables into the grid, design interconnections for renewable energy supply, and perform extensive environmental research. This commitment extends to testing aimed at enhancing grid resilience and developing components for electric mobility.

Lastly, this issue reflects on the United Nations’ definition of sustainable development: the balance of meeting present needs without hindering the ability of future generations to meet their own. This challenge transcends environmental issues, addressing broader goals of social justice, equal opportunities, and inclusion. Embracing this philosophy, the CESI Group has developed a new sustainability policy, aiming to create a future that respects the environment, promotes individual wellbeing, upholds ethical business practices, and advances sustainable services and solutions.

EJ26 is available to read online or download as a PDF, with each article accessible via direct links. The magazine can also be downloaded as an e-book for iPad and iPhone .

Enjoy your reading.

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