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The Role of Inspections in the Industry

<strong>The Role of Inspections in the Industry</strong>
21 . Aug . 2023

In today’s dynamic landscape, the significance of type tested products cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to critical components used in the electrical grid. To complement the reliability offered by type testing at KEMA Labs, inspections play a vital role in ensuring conformity to standards and contractual requirements.

By witnessing type or acceptance tests directly at manufacturers’ facilities, inspectors verify equipment, calibration, and engineers’ skills, providing clear and straightforward conformity statements in their reports. What sets skilled inspectors apart is their ability to make independent technical judgments, backed by experience gained from similar activities performed in their own organizations.

Inspections become particularly valuable during long-duration tests, ensuring consistency throughout the testing phases. Moreover, when dealing with series production, inspections help mitigate risks by assessing product alignment with type-tested prototypes. By inspecting manufacturing phases, inspectors confirm that the product matches the specifications tested and approved, reducing any deviations and ensuring product quality.

In an ever-changing world, design changes are common, and keeping track of them is vital. Inspections become a powerful tool in determining when a type test certificate should be considered expired. By following a product’s life cycle and assessing design alterations, inspectors can recommend retesting when necessary, maintaining product quality and performance under control.

When all inspection and testing activities come together, the ultimate assurance for manufacturers and end-users is the product certificate type 5. Issued by an ISO 17065 accredited certification body, this comprehensive document combines top laboratories’ expertise and qualified inspections, providing transparent third-party validation of product performance over the years.

As we continue to strive for reliability, safety, and performance in the industry, inspections stand as an indispensable tool, complementing type testing and ensuring the highest standards of product quality. Together, we build a more robust and sustainable future.

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