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The Green Vein: Electricity Corridor Connecting Egypt and Italy

The Green Vein: Electricity Corridor Connecting Egypt and Italy
05 . Dec . 2023

CESI K&K, Prysmian Group, and Siemens Energy have introduced a major electric corridor project to transport green electricity from Egypt to Italy. This initiative, marking months of collaboration between K&K, CESI, Siemens Energy, and Prysmian Group, progresses into detailed feasibility after a successful initial study.

With a 3 GW capacity, the corridor is poised to meet around 5% of Italy’s peak electricity demand, supporting Europe’s carbon neutrality goals by 2050. It aims to forge key power links between the EU, MENA, and Africa, enhancing regional cooperation and power system integration.

The project features a groundbreaking submarine high-voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable, approximately 2,800 km long and reaching depths up to 3,000 m, connecting Egypt’s West Sohag to Italy’s Dolo Substation.

Domenico Villani, CEO of CESI Group, highlights “this pioneering initiative marks the first HVDC connection between the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe. Beyond this, the project could establish an energy corridor from Europe to the Gulf, capitalizing on existing and planned regional interconnections, many of which CESI has explored in client support.”

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