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The CESI Group is present at WindEurope exhibition

The CESI Group is present at WindEurope exhibition
26 . Apr . 2023

CESI Group with  Kema Labs, the testing inspection and certification division of CESI is present at the Wind Europe exhibition in Copenhagen, held April 25-27. WindEurope is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind energy throughout Europe.

During these days, Uberto Vercellotti will present a paper focusing on the transition to renewable energy that is taking place around the world and is very much related to the ability to transmit and distribute energy from one place (where the clean energy is produced) to another (where the energy is consumed).

The development of more reliable and capable grid infrastructure for energy transmission and distribution is critical to the integration of renewable energy. The cable market is one of the hottest sectors in the transition to clean energy, as demand for products such as subsea HV lines leads to a 2-5 year order backlog for cable manufacturers. The operation of offshore wind farms increases the demand for both AC and DC cable connections to transport power to onshore substations. But transporting wind power over long distances from the place of generation to consumers, such as industrial plants, is also increasingly done with HVDC cable connections. As the length of the cable system increases, TSOs lack experience in grid operation, so numerical simulations help them understand the situation in case of electrical failures.

As a result of such simulations, test laboratories have received new requirements to test cables with special waveforms. For example, cable manufacturers and laboratories have to cope with some late requests from utilities: for example, polarity reversals and transient overvoltages (TOV).

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