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Smart metering, agreement between KEMA LAB & UNDERFIRE

Smart metering, agreement between KEMA LAB & UNDERFIRE
01 . Jun . 2023

KEMA Lab, the world’s leading electrical testing company, has signed a service agreement with UNDERFIRE, a company specialized in the certification of smart meters in Chile. This exciting agreement has been validated by the Chilean Government’s Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels and is designed to meet the requirements of the National Energy Commission.

The collaboration between KEMA Lab and UNDERFIRE focuses on the certification of smart meters, which ensures the correct operation and safety of these devices for users. In addition, KEMA Lab also offers a wide range of electrical testing services, including high-voltage electrical products and electromobility, within the scope of services.

Quality and precision are two essential values in the field of electrical tests, as they guarantee the safety and proper functioning of electrical products. KEMA Lab has unique experience and knowledge in this area, which ensures the quality of the results obtained.

In conclusion, the alliance between KEMA Lab and UNDERFIRE represents an important milestone for the electricity industry in Chile. The certification of smart meters and other electrical products of high quality and precision guarantees their correct operation and safety for users, which translates into greater confidence in the industry and in the use of electrical technology. The experience and knowledge of both companies are a guarantee for clients seeking accurate and reliable results in electrical tests.

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