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Minister Pichetto Fratin hosted by CESI

Minister Pichetto Fratin hosted by CESI
04 . Oct . 2023

On October 2, CESI had the privilege of hosting Senator Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, the Italian Minister of Environment and Energy Security.

Welcomed by Domenico Villani, CEO of CESI, and Guido Bortoni, President of CESI, Minister Pichetto Fratin visited the Group’s headquarters in Milan. The meeting served as a platform to discuss the future of the energy sector and gain insights into CESI’s plans and future objectives. It was a valuable opportunity to highlight the Group’s steadfast efforts in establishing a resilient and secure grid, contributing to enhancing the overall resilience of the power sector against upcoming challenges.

Minister Pichetto Fratin appreciated CESI’s approach and reiterated the government’s attention and commitment to the sector, emphasizing the pivotal role of technology. He underlined how the knowledge, research, and technologies developed in Italy can aid in diversifying energy supply sources by 2050.

The Minister’s visit coincided with an event hosted at CESI, titled “System Safeguards in the Great Energy Transition,” organized by the Italian Association of Electrotechnical Electronics Automation Informatics and Telecommunications (AEIT).

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