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Latest Testingly Issue: the Digital Future of Energy Testing

<strong>Latest Testingly Issue: the Digital Future of Energy Testing</strong>
27 . Dec . 2023

We are excited to unveil the latest issue of Testingly, KEMA Labs Magazine, now available online. Entitled “Powering the Future: Testing Industry Evolution,” this edition navigates the merging of physical and digital realms in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification industry, emphasizing its digital transformation.

As leaders at KEMA Labs, we are at the vanguard of exploring and shaping the energy sector’s future through our focus on the dynamic Testing Industry within the T&D sector and pioneering developments in HVDC test laboratories. Our content is designed not just to inform but also to inspire, bringing digitalization to life beyond the buzzword. Featured articles like ‘IEC61850 Server 2.0: Digital Substation Reliability’ delve into how digital solutions are vital in enhancing the resilience of our energy infrastructure, highlighting KEMA Labs’ pivotal role and new Certification under our brand. ‘Evolution of the Testing Industry in the T&D Sector’ offers a comprehensive look at how traditional methods are evolving with cutting-edge digital approaches.

This issue also provides in-depth analyses of the current energy landscape, emphasizing the crucial role of experimentation, enriched with interviews and case studies.

Discover the full breadth of insights in Testingly Issue 8 by visiting this link.

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