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Kema Lab is involved in the Charging Energy Hubs project

<strong>Kema Lab is involved in the Charging Energy Hubs project</strong>
03 . Jul . 2023

CESI Group through its KEMA Labs is part of the project led by Heliox titled Charging Energy Hubs.

An important project that on Friday, June 30th, the Dutch government officials made an announcement approving a grant from the National Growth Fund to this consortium. The primary goal of the 'Charging Energy Hubs' project is to accelerate the electrification of the logistics sector through collaborative research, innovation, and unified efforts. The consortium comprises prominent entities like Shell, Prodrive, DAF, DAMEN, Scholt Energy, Firan, ElaadNL, Dynniq Energy, and TNO.

The implementation of zero-emission zones in urban areas by 2025 is set to revolutionize the logistics industry, leading to a significant surge in the demand for electric transport. However, the main challenge lies in the limited capacity of the electrical grid to cater to the increasing need for high-powered charging infrastructure. To overcome this challenge, the project envisions the utilization of smart energy systems to optimize grid efficiency through innovative energy solutions. These decentralized energy systems play a crucial role in connecting electricity consumers and suppliers. By seamlessly integrating charging infrastructure, renewable and other energy sources, energy storage, and local consumers, the charging energy hubs provide flexibility during peak demand or grid balancing issues. This approach not only alleviates grid congestion but also ensures a robust business case for investments in charging infrastructure. The Netherlands currently leads the eMobility sector in Europe, boasting strong export potential and a surge in job creation. To maintain this leadership position in an industry that is rapidly expanding and achieve climate goals, it is vital to promote new partnerships that foster electric mobility, establish cutting-edge charging infrastructure, and drive innovations in energy optimization systems.

The project involves the participation of 29 entities, including AME, DAF, DAMEN, DC Systems, DENS, Dynniq, FIER, Firan, Fontys, HAN, Heliox, Fluidwell, KEMA, Maxem, NKL, Prodrive Technologies, Recoy, Renewable Energy Factory (REF), Rocsys, Scholt Energy, Shell, Stichting ElaadNL, Sycada, TNO, TSN Groen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Van Berkel Logistics, Van Kessel, XYZ Dynamics, and Zero Emissions Services (ZES). Brainport Development and RAI Automotive Industry NL provide support for project coordination.

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