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Infrastructure and Enviroment: Are We Investing in Prevention?

Infrastructure and Enviroment: Are We Investing in Prevention?
31 . May . 2023

Introducing the latest edition of EJ, CESI’s Energy Journal: “Infrastructure and Environment: Are We Investing in Prevention?

For the 25th issue, we have chosen to focus on a matter that concerns everyone, an issue in which our Group has extensive expertise: hydrogeological instability and the solutions that can be implemented to prevent or mitigate its effects.

Italy, with its unique geological layout, is a beautiful yet fragile country that is inherently exposed to risks. In fact, according to the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), 94% of Italian municipalities are at risk of landslides, floods, and coastal erosion. Moreover, rapid urbanization without adequate planning has further increased Italy’s vulnerability to hydrogeological instability, exacerbated by extreme weather events. In this issue of EJ, we explore how to enhance the resilience of infrastructure and the environment to climate change impacts.

The “Scenario” article highlights the urgency of adapting infrastructure to climate change alongside reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved through climatic engineering and the implementation of various strategies to manage different environmental systems.

The challenges of the third millennium demand careful infrastructure design and assessment of potential climate-related hazards throughout its lifespan. In this context, the “Top Story” underscores the crucial role played by satellite data collection and “climatic intelligence.” Information gathered from observing and monitoring the planet is indispensable for preventing and managing hydrogeological and seismic events.

This technology can be utilized to monitor situations on all continents and support prevention and maintenance efforts carried out by national authorities. In the “Industries and Countries” article, we examine how extreme events resulting from climate change are impacting the environment and infrastructure worldwide.

Additionally, we have interviewed two prominent experts. Stefano Laporta, President of ISPRA and SNPA, explains how climate change is affecting hydrogeological instability in Italy and outlines the solutions implemented over the past decade. Giuseppe Spilotro, a Professor of Applied Geology and Hydrogeological Risk Expert, discusses the economic and social implications of hydrogeological instability and how the phenomenon can be addressed in the context of climate change.

The articles in this issue of EJ emphasize the critical importance of predicting these phenomena to develop the necessary solutions. We also present the concrete measures implemented by ISMES, the CESI Group company dedicated to civil engineering and infrastructure. With a team of 70 professionals, including engineers and geologists, ISMES provides tangible solutions for the prevention and mitigation of the effects of hydrogeological instability in Italy and around the world.

EJ25 can be read directly online, or you can download a printable PDF version. Online, you will find direct links to each article, allowing you to read the magazine as you prefer. You can also download EJ as an e-book to enjoy on your iPad or iPhone from this link.

Enjoy your reading.

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