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CESI CEO hosted at CEO Talks of CLASS CNBC

CESI CEO hosted at CEO Talks of CLASS CNBC
09 . Feb . 2023

Our CEO, Domenico Villani, participated in the latest episode of CEO Talks, Class CNBC’s TV format dedicated to major financial and industrial issues.

The episode featuring our CEO as guest focused on CESI’s role in the future energy scenario and the European and Italian strategies to achieve energy independence. In addition,  the role of #renewables and #green hydrogen was also explored.

In particular, Villani pointed out that CESI’s analyses show that the development by 2025 of at least 40 GW of new renewables would be sufficient, together with the government’s other initiatives, to achieve total independence from Russian gas and the closure of coal-fired power plants, envisioned by Pniec. More renewables would also mean, beyond #decarbonization goals, a downward stabilization of energy prices.

Furthermore, on the topic of hydrogen, it emerged that it is crucial for Italy to adopt a national strategy as soon as possible to increase green hydrogen production and its use. The use of this hydrogen, in fact, is particularly important in the “hard to abate” sectors, i.e., those in which the reduction of emissions is difficult to achieve by switching to electric. Villani also pointed out that to turn these strategies into reality, however, it is essential to move now to simplify bureaucratic procedures and unblock administrative authorizations

Below to stream the entire episode in Italian:

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