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CESI Group will be present at the Energy Security Conference in South Africa

<strong>CESI Group will be present at the Energy Security Conference in South Africa</strong>
10 . Mar . 2023

CESI Group will partecipate at the Energy Security Conference in South Africa, organized by the RES4Africa Foundation that will take place at the Nedbank Clocktower in Cape Town, on the 13th of March, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Silvia Corigliano, Fabio Riva and Simone Pasquini will present the results of their study “Integration of Non-Programmable Renewable Energy in the National Electric System of South Africa” at the RES4Africa event “Energy Security in South Africa Conference” which aims to foster an open dialogue on how to get out of the current energy crisis and pave the way for a renewable-based future.

As South Africa continues to make large purchases of renewable energy, and given the grid capacity constraints highlighted by Eskom’s GCCA reports, it is imperative that electricity system planning take into account resource availability, grid capacity, optimal generation mix and other technical aspects to ensure the success of renewable energy projects. For this reason, this study performs a high-resolution geospatial analysis to explore the value of V-RES throughout South Africa and to support the identification of the most appropriate grid connection options and grid planning opportunities for renewable energy projects for the next decade in South Africa.

The press conference will provide an essential platform to discuss and address key issues in the South African energy landscape, discussing solutions and next steps for the country’s energy security in light of the latest developments.

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