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CESI gets the ISO 14064 certification

<strong>CESI gets the ISO 14064 certification</strong>
04 . Jan . 2023

The CESI Group is proud to announce the implementation within its organization of ISO 14064-1:2018, which relates to the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions of an organization as a whole. Validation obtained from a certification body ensures the independence of the assessments and reports issued.

Implementation of ISO 14064 is a valuable tool because it helps companies gain a comprehensive view of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and measure reductions achieved through improvement processes. With ISO 14064, corporate goals and resulting GHG emission reduction actions gain credibility, legitimacy and transparency and are validated by independent, internationally recognized third-party bodies.

This milestone confirms the Group’s increasing focus on sustainability. It is a further step in addition to the establishment of the Group Sustainability Affairs Function, entrusted to Domenico Villani. The unit, as already communicated, responsible for identifying climate, environmental, economic and social sustainability issues specific to the Group’s activities. Evaluate the different experiences of sustainability models; analyze the needs and specificities of CESI, assessing the appropriateness to it of the sustainability models identified. Finally, assess their feasibility in terms of cost and time of implementation and work to implement the models thus identified and monitor their effects once implemented.

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