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CESI event at COP 28 on the GCC’s Energy Future

<strong>CESI event at COP 28 on the GCC’s Energy Future</strong>
20 . Nov . 2023

On December 9, CESI will spearhead a pivotal event at COP 28 titled “The Sustainable Future of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Moving from Regional to Global Electrical Interconnections”. This session will underscore the significance of regional electrical interconnections and their potential to transform the GCC’s energy landscape. The event will spotlight ongoing initiatives, such as Saudi Arabia’s exploration of interconnections with Egypt and Jordan, exemplifying the region’s dedication to sustainable energy advancements.

The conversation will acknowledge the operational challenges and substantial investments essential for transitioning to a green power system. In this transformative journey, electrical interconnections are vital, enabling the integration of renewable energy and fostering a sustainable energy framework. These interconnections, bridging different countries and regions, are instrumental in diversifying power resources and adapting consumption patterns to manage the intermittency of renewable energy.

The GCC is at the forefront of this transformative shift, with its power sectors undergoing significant changes. The emphasis is on economic efficiency and transitioning to renewable energies for a carbon-neutral future. Strategic electrical interconnections within the GCC, especially through initiatives like the GCC Power Grid, are critical in overcoming these challenges.

Furthermore, the event will offer insights from global experiences in implementing electrical interconnections. By analyzing projects linking North Africa with Europe, and the Middle East with Africa, Europe, and Asia, CESI aims to highlight the extensive potential benefits and inherent challenges. The focus will be on providing strategic guidance for the successful execution of these projects, emphasizing their role as catalysts in the global decarbonization movement.

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