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CESI, consultant for Azerbaijan’s energy transition

CESI, consultant for Azerbaijan’s energy transition
31 . May . 2023

CESI was engaged by the government of Azerbaijan to provide a detailed analysis and recommendations to facilitate the development of renewable energy sources in the country for the period 2023-2035. The mandate, which is financed by the World Bank aims to deliver several key components.

Firstly, it will explore various available options for renewable energy development targets in Azerbaijan, identifying the optimal zones for hydro, solar, and wind power generation, both onshore and offshore. A comprehensive multi-criteria analysis will be conducted to evaluate the potential of each zone for renewable energy generation. To deepen possible developments of the Azerbaijani energy sector, CESI will attend  the Baku Energy Forum, to be held June 1 and 2 in Baku. On the first day of the event, Andrea Meola, CESI’s Business Development Director, will take part in the Renewable Energy panel, discussing the opportunities and challenges associated with the development of power systems with significant penetration of RES. In this respect, the assessment developed by CESI will estimate the potential for Azerbaijan to export surplus green electricity and the optimal transmission system investment program to be developed for properly integrating the targeted amount of RES generation.

The comprehensive assessment aims to provide the World Bank and the Ministry of Energy with valuable insights and recommendations by identifying optimal areas for energy production, recommending specific projects, proposing transmission system upgrades, and assessing financial and market competitiveness, hence supporting Azerbaijan’s transition to a sustainable and renewable energy future.

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