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CESI CEO on hydrogeological instability solutions

<strong>CESI CEO on hydrogeological instability solutions</strong>
16 . Jan . 2023

Today, January 16th, 2023, in the pages of Affari & Finanza of La Repubblica, CESI CEO, Domenico Villani, speaks on hydrogeological instability that exposes Italy to a long list of natural phenomena’ effects.   

To fight hydrogeological instability, the Cesi Group has decided to focus more and more on its subsidiary Ismes: “Innovation is one of the essential vectors and represents the key to the future in hydrogeological instability prevention interventions. In Italy, Ismes uses deep learning-based methods in construction and, in general, in monitoring the conditions of infrastructures on the territory, to predict their evolution. A prediction of this kind allows, in fact, to plan in time maintenance and rehabilitation interventions during the life of the work, using only the resources really needed and optimizing, thus, the costs” Villani explained.

Moreover, concluded the CESI  Group’s CEO: “Hydrogeological risk management is a priority that can no longer be addressed in an unstructured way. It becomes fundamental to try to predict in advance the trend of phenomena in order to study and plan the necessary actions.  Constantly monitoring our territory, using all available information, helps to define the right priorities for intervention. The enhancement of the territory passes, in fact, through the mitigation of risks and directing investments toward these issues“.

The full interview in Italian at this link.

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