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Power to the consumer: New webinar by CESI and Elettricità Futura

Power to the consumer: New webinar by CESI and Elettricità Futura
14 . Jan . 2022

On February 4th, at 10:30 am (CET), reserve time for “Consumers at the heart of the energy transition,” the new and free webinar by CESI and Elettricità Futura.

In order to fulfill the 2030 and 2050 European targets, it is essential to involve citizens and encourage initiatives led by themselves. An example of this is the energy communities for the generation of electricity for self-consumption, in which users are transformed from consumers into prosumers. Technologies such as demand response, home automation, the Internet of Things, network digitization and vehicle-to-X will also be fundamental technological tools for engaging consumers and achieving the Green Deal 2030 goals.

Massimo Salvetti (Grid Modernization & Innovation Director, CESI) and Riccardo Frigerio (Regulatory Affairs – Elettricità Futura),will discuss this topic together with Chiara Dalla Chiesa (Head of Strategic Marketing, Enel X), Gabriella De Maio (Professor of Energy Law at the Federico II University, and IFEC [Italian Forum of Energy Communities] coordinator), Michele Pizzolato (Head of Regulatory Affairs, Eni – TBD) and Sarah Jane Jucker (Co-Founder & Managing Partner, EPQ).

At the end of the roundtable, Gianni Pietro Girotto (Chairman of the Industry, Trade and Tourism Committee – Italian Senate of the Republic) will deliver his closing remarks.

Register, for free, at this link.

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