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Real challenges for eco-friendly power networks: the new issue of Testingly

Real challenges for eco-friendly power networks: the new issue of Testingly
18 . May . 2022

This new issue of Testingly , the KEMA Labs Magazine , is dedicated to the important issue concerning the decarbonization of power networks and their components together with green and sustainable alternatives in the production and testing phases of the process .

In this respect, on March 17 th , 2022, KEMA Labs had launched the live event The real challenges in transition to eco-friendly power networks , which hosted key experts from Transmission Operators and components and systems Manufacturers to discuss the above-mentioned topics.

Considering the discussions and presentations featured in the above-mentioned webinar, Testingly n. 4 further explored this important topic through in-depth articles, interesting market analyses, interviews with experts from TenneT, National Grid and Royal SMIT Transformers , unique case studies, and more.

In particular, this issue of the KEMA Labs magazine opens with a summary of the event that took place on March 17 th . In this recap, you will find the main technologies, solutions, and proposals we discussed in the webinar, as they were told by the renowned speakers who took part in the two roundtables.

Due to their important role in decarbonizing the grid, for this issue of Testingly we have interviewed Akshaya Prabakar (Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager at TenneT ), Mark Wilkinson (CTO of Royal SMIT Transformers )and Mark Waldron (Net Zero Asset Strategy Technical Leader at National Grid ). The three experts, who also took part to our webinar as key speakers, assessed important topics such as SF6-free alternatives, transformers, and ecofriendly transmission networks.

Due to the necessity to make even single components in the power grid more sustainable , in the Innovative Technologies section, we have explored several solutions aimed at making transformers more sustainable, by reducing losses and promoting a more environmentally friendly insulation and cooling fluids, and improving their correct functioning at the same time.

To the other important topic that was discussed during the webinar, that of SF6-free alternatives , we have dedicated our Decarbonization Strategy section, which features an in-depth article that analyzes solutions for the decarbonization of switchgear (through alternative gases) and scalable high voltage switchgear.

In addition, in Testingly n. 4 you can find several latest news from the TIC sector as well as the most important upcoming events related to testing, inspection and certification activities.

You can read and download the full issue of Testingly , for free , at this link .

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