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Standardization developments for electricity metering equipment

Standardization developments for electricity metering equipment
11 . May . 2022

In June 2020, new versions of the EN-IEC product standards for electricity metering equipment , the EN-IEC 62052-11, EN-IEC 62053-21, -22, -23, and -24, were published.

These second editions cancel and replace the first editions published in 2003, including their 2016 amendments. This edition constitutes a technical revision. In the 2020 versions, it is mentioned that the IEC technical committee TC13 recommends that the content of the 2020 versions will be adopted for implementation nationally not earlier than two years from the date of publication.

National legalization bodies, utilities and manufacturers are expected to adapt to these new product standards starting in 2022 .

You can find the specifics for the new versions of the EN-IEC product standards for electricity metering equipment in the attachment below.

In the 2020 version of the standards, new features for AC and DC electricity metering are added, new tests are defined, and existing tests procedures/methods are updated. Our experts can inform you about the details.

Recently, the KEMA Labs Metering, Protection & Substation Automation Laboratory in the Netherlands completed the first type test according the 2020 version standards for Holley Technology Ltd., PR China .

Holley Technology Ltd. experienced a lot of technical challenges during the type test, like tests for external static magnetic fields, fast load variations, and harmonics. Compared with the 2003 editions, special attention should be paid to the new requirements when designing the meters. Also, several safety-related instructions need to be added. After intense communication with KEMA Labs engineers and many revisions the project was completed.

KEMA Labs adapted to the new 2020 standards by implementing new test procedures, adapting existing test procedures/methods . Next to this also the product safety standard EN-IEC 62052-31 is implemented with state-of-the-art facilities for switch endurance testing at different power factors and switch short circuit testing up to 10.000 A, single fault testing, and safety assessment. For the clock and timing accuracy tests the laboratory has access to a GPS time synchronization network with PPS, IRIG-B, PTP.

KEMA Labs offers type testing to all different versions of the EN-IEC products standards and is notified body for the Measuring Instrument Directive (MID 2014/32/EU) . On request special national tests or tests per client instructions can be added. We are constantly developing our laboratories and skills to coop with the future. Are you ready ?

For more information, please contact us at .

Specifics for the new versions of the EN-IEC product standards for electricity metering equipment :

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