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Renewables as the solution to lower energy prices

Renewables as the solution to lower energy prices
03 . May . 2022

The issue of the energy transition is strongly linked to that of the cost efficiency of systems based on renewable sources, on which the turning point is destined to be structured in overcoming the era of fossil fuels.

However, in the current war period, the adoption of renewable energy sources together with the study of other sources such as for example next generation nuclear power is even more fundamental. The well-thought-out transition on the front of industrial policy aiming at a greater energy independence goal for Italy could both accelerate the decarbonization process and put a stop to the energy price increase.

Il Giornale – one of the best-known Italian mainstream newspapers – has dedicated to such topics an in-depth analysis, which is enriched by the statements of Matteo Codazzi (CEO of CESI) , who claims that “it is essential to anticipate and accelerate both the concrete use of flexibility measures (such as pumping or batteries that come into operation at times of peak demand) and the implementation of international and intercontinental interconnection projects .”

Over the course of the article, it is also highlighted that “In this context, the experience of companies such as CESI can help companies and utilities to strengthen their ability to act in making their electricity systems more flexible, integrating non-programmable renewable resources into the grid, thus avoiding the trap of rising prices of fossil fuels.”

You can read the entire article, which is written in Italian, at this link .

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