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The role of power grids in the energy transition: a new CESI and EF webinar

The role of power grids in the energy transition: a new CESI and EF webinar
14 . Jul . 2022

On July 20th, at 10:30am (CEST), join The acceleration of renewables goes also through networks: the electricity grids as enablers of the energy transition in Italy and Europe, the new webinar organized by Elettricità Futura and CESI. You can register, for free, at this link.

The goal of the webinar is to explore the potential of electricity, transport, and distribution networks, in the path towards 2030, together with the protagonists of the electricity sector. In this respect, Domenico Villani (KEMA Labs TIC Division Executive Vice President at CESI) will address the growth of networks in Italy and the importance of testing for their greater resilience and efficiency.

Moreover, our expert Bruno Cova (Advisory Services & Studies Director at CESI), together with Luca Marchisio (Strategy and Innovation Manager at Terna), Mariangela Di Napoli (Head of Infrastructure and Networks – Regulatory and Antitrust at Enel), Alessandro Palazzoli (Engineering and Development Manager at Areti SpA), Ester Benigni (Regulatory Affairs and Competitors Director at A2A Group), Giuseppe Molina (Managing Director at CEI), Michelangelo Aveta (Advisor – Electromobility & Energy Efficiency – Electrification Lead, EURELECTRIC) and Riccardo Frigerio (Regulatory Affairs at Elettricità Futura) will highlight the solutions to improve electricity grids to speed up the energy transition.

Reaching the REPowerEU 2030 targets would mean for Italy to add 85 GW of new renewable power and 80 GWh of new large storage capacity, according to the studies presented in the recent Elettricità Futura Assembly.

This will bring Italy to an 84% share of renewables in the electricity mix in 2030 compared to 41% in 2021. Therefore, continuing to have an adequate, solid, and widespread network infrastructure throughout the national territory is a crucial objective to integrate the new renewable capacity. All these aspects will be explored during the event and declined from the point of view of technologies and investments.

Register at this link to join our webinar!

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