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KEMA Labs tests for offshore wind farms

KEMA Labs tests for offshore wind farms
12 . Jul . 2022

Offshore platform in wind farms play a critical role in the collection of the generated power. In terms of offshore wind, the  North Sea in Europe  has a potential expansion target of 300 GW by 2050.

Extreme environmental conditions, challenging space requirements and new construction technologies push the manufacturers towards unique design of all offshore platform equipment, including transformers

In this respect, KEMA Labs in Arnhem (The Netherlands), has performed short-circuit tests on a three-phase transformer rated 400/226/226 MVA – 230/66/66 kV manufactured in Croatia by Koncar Power Transformers Ltd , a Joint Venture of Siemens Energy and Koncar.

The transformer will be used on an offshore platform in the North Sea to transport the energy from the wind farms to the electricity grid on land

According to the European Commission, an estimated  240 GW to 450 GW of offshore wind power in Europe’s seas  and along its coasts will be needed by 2050 to keep temperature increase below 1.5°.

Discover more on offshore wind power and our activities at this link .

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