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The role of IoT in guaranteeing power network resilience

The role of IoT in guaranteeing power network resilience
13 . May . 2022

In an increasingly digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding and changing the way in which power plants and substations are managed. With the aim of reducing vulnerabilities, new technology is being introduced to develop T&D digital substations and components.

Indeed, non-conventional transformers with sampled digital outputs are replacing conventional analogical transformers for measuring, protection, and control activities. This type of innovation requires new and updated tests for electric network components that will guarantee their correct operation and greater network resistance and resilience.

In this respect, KEMA Labs (the Testing, Inspection and Certification Division of CESI) is equipped to test smart electronic devices in terms of:

  • functional operation,
  • communication requisites,
  • data integrity,
  • IT security parameters,
  • electromagnetic compatibility,
  • product safety,
  • environmental influence.

Thanks to such tests, vital electric network components are increasingly able to resist high voltage, manage interruptions, and avoid both failures and interruptions, guaranteeing the increased resilience of the power grid.

For more information on these services and the standards according to which these components are certified in our laboratories, click on this link.

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