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KEMA Labs is partner of the EU funded ERIGrid 2.0 project

KEMA Labs is partner of the EU funded ERIGrid 2.0 project
18 . Apr . 2022

The EU founded ERIGrid 2.0 project aims to provide European researchers with access to the main European Research Facilities and Laboratories. Thanks to this initiative, researches are granted access to concentrated know-how and best practices in the field of smart grid and energy systems , power system components characterization and evaluation, smart grid ICT and automation validation, co-simulation, real-time simulation and Power & Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), as well as others .

As project partner of ERIGrid 2.0, KEMA Labs (the CESI Testing, Inspection and Certification Division) offers researchers access to our Flex Power Grid Laboratory in Arnhem, The Netherlands . This facility offers system-level battery testing showing the major role played by the inverter in determining the grid performance of energy  storage  systems .

The KEMA Labs Flex Power Grid Laboratory’s flexible grid connection allows it to mimic real-life grid conditions and vary parameters such as frequency and voltage. This permits the behavior of systems to be verified during both standard operation and extreme scenarios such as frequency variations, over- and under-voltage, grid pollution and more.

Within the EU funded ERIGrid 2.0 project, researchers can access laboratory usage and visits are totally free of charge , as long as they provide a project proposal in one of the calls that makes it through the independent review round.

Our laboratory infrastructure is particularly well suited for research on or testing of utility-interactive devices intended for low-voltage or medium-voltage distribution grids , such as power electronics converters, combined-heat & power systems and storage systems. Furthermore, the infrastructure incorporates real-time simulation capabilities to extend the research capabilities into the domain of Power Cybernetics as part of power system validation.

You can find out more about the KEMA Labs Flex Power Grid Laboratory at this link .

As a researcher, you can apply here by April 30 th .

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