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EJ 24 – The energy puzzle: possible solutions to the rising cost

EJ 24 – The energy puzzle: possible solutions to the rising cost
20 . Dec . 2022

The energy puzzle: possible solutions to the rising cost, the new issue of CESI’s Energy Journal, is now available online at this link. You can read EJ 24 directly online or download a printable PDF version.

In developing this issue of our Energy Journal (EJ), we focused on the energy crisis that has hit Europe. The first impact on consumers was the rising gas and energy prices. The EU and the governments are trying to implement measures to counter the price increase and minimize the impact on final consumers and industries.

The energy puzzle to solveis a complicated network of strategies to be implement in accordance with those European institutions. In this respect, our Top Story is focused strategies that European institutions are fielding measures to help enterprises and citizens face the rising cost of energy.

However, with the finalization of the new EU roadmap for the energy sector, they took an important step in alleviating the energy crises.  In the Industries and Countries section, we see how the common policy line decided by the EU should allow for a better, and more homogeneous management of the central role of natural gas in Europe’s energy and industrial sector.

The Future & Technologysection explains how several activities contribute to develop flexible, interconnected, and sustainable energy systems and the Opinions section offers an overview on the current energy scenario through authoritative institutional representatives’ reflections.

Finally, in the Scenario article, we focus on how the major changes taking place in the energy sector have greatly affected corporate communication.

You can read the entire issue of CESI’s Energy Journal, for free, at this link

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