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Join the CESI webinar on overcoming energy vulnerabilities

Join the CESI webinar on overcoming energy vulnerabilities
15 . Jun . 2022

Tomorrow, Thursday June 16th at 4pm (CEST), join the new CESI webinar, Overcoming Energy Vulnerabilities, with Sara Moarif (Head of Environment and Climate Change Unit of the IEA), Sheila Hollis (Acting Executive Director of the United States Energy Association – USEA) and Together with Bruno Cova (Advisory Services & Studies Director at CESI).

To attend the webinar, you can register for free at this link.

The event, which is based on the latest issue of CESI Energy Journal, revolves around the main vulnerabilities that affect the energy transition and their possible solutions, as the transition towards a carbon-free economy is a complex process that has a significant impact on the technology and supply systems that produce the necessary components.

In this respect, Sara Moarif will analyze how the Ukrainian crisis slow down the energy transition towards decarbonization in Europe, the impact of such scenario on the environmental policies of the EU, and the energy sector solutions to become more resilient.

Sheila Hollis, instead, will address such energy vulnerabilities from the US perspective, speaking about several issues including the role of American LNG in supporting the EU struggle with gas imports, the decarbonization pathway of the 50 States, and the solutions to reduce gas and petrol costs.

Click on this link to join us tomorrow!

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