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CESI supports the evolution of storage technologies

CESI supports the evolution of storage technologies
04 . Oct . 2022

Electrical power systems around the world are changing significantly and swiftly thanks to an energy transition that is mainly driven by the rapid increase of renewable energy sources (RES) and the evolution of generation and transmission technologies. Such changes require an innovative framework at system level to cope with emerging challenges and to take advantage of new technologies.

Energy storage facilities can seamlessly support the transition and provide the power system with a wide range of services that increase flexibility.

There are already some well-established technologies (e.g. pumped hydro, batteries, compressed air energy storage (CAES) and some developing ones (e.g. flywheels, supercapacitors, hydrogen), while specific storage-based applications have been developed to cope with some of the challenges that power systems face, such as the uncertainty and variability of RES generation, frequency control, reactive power provision, system inertia or system strength and robustness.

In this respect, CESI can support a sustainable evolution of storage technologies in the power systems, providing the following services:

  • Planning and operational studies to optimize integration of storage facilities
  • Regulatory and market studies on participation in power and ancillary markets
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies to identify the best solutions to provide balancing services through BESS
  • Storage technology specification and procurement assistance
  • Defining auction and procurement processes, set-up of innovative and pilot projects
  • Design review and construction supervision
  • Asset management and maintenance optimization
  • Grid code compliance
  • Environmental studies and permitting

Discover more about such services at this link.

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