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CESI offers Technical Assistance on Suriname distribution system networks

CESI offers Technical Assistance on Suriname distribution system networks
04 . Mar . 2022

CESI has been chosen by N.V. Energie Bedrijven Suriname (NV EBS) to provide technical consultancy and improve EBS’ distribution network performance indexes, from the planning and operational point of view.

The Republic of Suriname consists of seven isolated areas: EPAR (the main one, with the capital Paramaribo), Moengo, Albina, Coronie, Wageningen, ENick and Apoera. The project will indeed cover the EPAR area and the isolated areas outside EPAR: these six smaller areas have an overall load that does not exceed 20 MW, but they have a distribution network that needs to be modernized nonetheless.

In this respect, CESI involvement consists of a study that will ensure consistency with the results of the previously studied Master Plan (developed by CESI as well), in terms of transformation capacity, number and location of primary substations, etc. The project has been subdivided into four tasks, including the distribution system assessments and recommendations.

Furthermore, CESI will analyze the use of advanced technologies (such as remote control, automation, SCADA, DMS, etc.) and ongoing pilot activities, to provide recommendations regarding smart grids. Moreover, our experts will assess economic and financial aspects connected to the distribution network performance.

Finally, CESI will provide an analysis of the regulatory framework and recommendations about possible improvements.

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