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CESI at the RES4Africa South Africa Conference

CESI at the RES4Africa South Africa Conference
14 . Jun . 2022

On June 14th and 15th, the South Africa Conference, organized by RES4Africa Foundation, will take place. The event will last two days and will be divided in two parts: on the first day, South African Energy Transition and the Disruptive Factors Driving Electricity Market Evolution will be discussed. On the second day, the key experts and speakers will discuss Grids Management to Maximize Renewable Energy Potential.

During the second day, at 12pm (CEST), Fabio Riva (CESI Energy Engineer Consultant) will intervene through the presentation Fostering RES penetration within the South African power system: utility unbundled scenario & localization of RES sites study.

“The more renewables you deploy, the more market players you attract. The more transparent and open third-party access rules you guarantee, the larger renewable penetration you can achieve,” says the CESI experts. He adds that “CESI and RES4Africa are committed to support Eskom towards this virtuous circle through the definition of unbundling scenarios and geospatial-based RES modelling studies”.

During his speech, the following studies that CESI has been developing for RES4Africa will be presented:

  1. VRE Integration and Utility unbundled scenarios: The National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa envisages the decommissioning of 35 GW (out of 42 GW currently operating) of coal-fired power capacity and to supply at least 20 GW from variable RES (V-RES). In order to favor an efficient and effective energy transition the Government of South Africa (GoSA) is envisaging to reform and unbundle Eskom, which is the vertically integrated public utility that encompasses all the phases of the electric supply chain in South Africa. Renewables and reforms are the two crucial pillars of this positive energy transition. The objective of this study is to present and discuss the most emblematic case-studies of power sector reform and renewable integration. This critical review is aimed at supporting the decision-making process that is currently undergoing in South Africa.
  2. Localization of RES study: The massive amount of V-RES that are expected to be installed in the South African power system requires a deep Power System Transformation. The study is aimed at performing a geospatial analysis (with at least 5×5 km resolution) to explore the value of V-RES in the whole South Africa and support the identification of the most appropriate grid connection options and grid planning opportunities for Eskom.

Discover more about this and register for the event at this link.

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