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How CESI analyzes the evolution of the power market

How CESI analyzes the evolution of the power market
09 . Sep . 2022

The energy industry has been undergoing several challenges over the past months, which are shaping how the market evolves and what the power sector requires .  

In this respect, CESI conducts analyses to identify recommended regulatory action and smooth the roadmap for future investments in the sector . In addition, CESI develops the necessary technical requisites for integrating non-programmable renewable energy sources in transmission and distribution systems , as well as impact analyses and studies on conformity to network regulations for new plants driven by renewables.

Considering the complexity of future electric systems, CESI has developed a series of electric market simulators that allow to identify both the need for and profitability of investments in storage and other systems to make electric systems more flexible , based on the forecast of market scenarios and regulations, as well as the performance of batteries and the evolution of technology in general.

For instance, CESI has performed the first integrated Euro-Mediterranean market study proposed by the Mediterranean TSOs with our Grid Reliability and Adequacy Risk Evaluator tool (GRARE) . In addition, we use two market simulation tools ( PromeGrid and MODIS ) to help the decision-making process for the grid investments planning, as they are among the few simulation market tools able to fulfill all the requirements set by official and international guidelines.

Furthermore, our market simulators were utilized recently to determine renewable energy deployment and localization in South Africa , thus supporting Eskom (the South African electricity public utility) to increase RES penetration in the country. As a result, two different studies were published: VRE Integration and Utility unbundled scenarios and Localization of RES will provide insightful information and guidelines for South Africa’s energy transition.

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