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CESI, feasibility Study for the GE-RO Interconnection Project

CESI, feasibility Study for the GE-RO Interconnection Project
20 . Sep . 2022

CESI has been selected by Georgia to carry out a feasibility study for an electricity subsea interconnector with Romania.

The Georgian transmission network operator, Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) has a ten-year network development plan for 2020-2030, which is aimed to further improve electricity supply reliability in the country and regional connectivity of the Georgian power system. One of the most important projects within this plan is the electric and digital interconnection between Georgia and Romania (GE-RO Interconnection Project).

Moreover, an optic fiber cable (OFC), which would be part of the Interconnection Project, would enable to increase broadband data traffic and help to reduce the prices for Georgia and overall South Caucasus (SC) region as well as generate revenues from transit traffic to Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia.

This would also contribute to further development of the information technology (IT) industry considering the progress made in some of the countries where IT industry has been expanding very rapidly during last ten years.

CESI’s mandate is composed of six tasks: the first one will be the estimation of an Optimal Interconnection Capacity, followed by the technical definition of the project, which includes HVDC converter technology, cables, design and overhead transmission lines. Furthermore, CESI will perform a detailed study of the power system, will determine the project construction cost and will estimate the Economic Analysis of the project, as well as of the Financing Options. Finally, our experts will overlook the development of Implementation Plan, Procurement Strategy, and Preparation of Bidding Documents.

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