The proportion of power generated from renewable energy is increasing, making voltage control more complex and maintaining adequate levels of power quality for all users more onerous.

The laboratory provides a fully controllable grid-equivalent capable of operating over a wide range of frequencies, harmonics, voltages and power levels. Our system provides complete control over harmonic distortion, unbalance and other transients. We can subject equipment to severe symmetrical and asymmetrical voltage disturbances as well as fundamental frequency excursions. We can test machines and power converters to ensure that they possess sufficient low, high and zero voltage fault ride-through, reactive current support and active power control capabilities.

Ratings and performance:

  • voltage levels of up to 24 kVAC
  • fundamental frequency controllable from DC to 75 Hz
  • continuous power rating of 1 MVA
  • control of harmonics up to the 25th
  • bidirectional power flows in four quadrants
  • passive loads of 0.5 MW and ±1 MVAr