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New CESI Energy Journal issue: overcoming energy vulnerabilities

New CESI Energy Journal issue: overcoming energy vulnerabilities
06 . May . 2022

In developing this issue of our Energy Journal (EJ), which is dedicated to the main vulnerabilities that affect the energy transition and their possible solutions, we verified how the transition towards a carbon-free economy is a complex process that has a significant impact on the technology and supply systems that produce the necessary components.

In addition, this EJ issue was written during very tumultuous times, with a war in Ukraine that is having significant international political and energy-related repercussions. What is happening in Eastern Europe indeed showcases why it is fundamental for governments all around the globe to find countermeasures to external vulnerabilities by working towards energy independence and accelerating in the meantime a sustainable transition.

In this respect, the Scenario section addresses system vulnerabilities together with identified economic strategies and technological solutions. In order to achieve the green transition, countries should develop also integrated and associated supply systems, besides driving recycling, substitution and the development of sustainable technology.

Our Top Story section is dedicated to the strategic importance of rare earth elements and minerals and the shifting balance that is being brought about by the race to garner the industrial metals needed for the above-mentioned transition.

Inevitably, such topics raise questions regarding the price of energy. The increase in the cost of energy, logistics, raw materials, and products is addressed by the Industries and Countries article that will also present possible solutions and strategies to mitigate risks to the energy supply chain. Even before the Ukrainian crisis had erupted, while the rapidly expanding renewables market was losing nearly US $2 billion/month due to delayed investments, the cost of gas was on the rise.

Furthermore, speaking of energy security solutions, in the Future & Technology section we address the projects and activities carried out by CESI to reduce the vulnerability of energy systems and guarantee secure supplies to its stakeholders.

Finally, the Opinions section presents the considerations of Sara Moarif (Head of Environment and Climate Change Unit of the IEA) who underlines that the climate emergency, recently neglected by the media, continues to represent a central theme in the management of vulnerabilities and risks that will continue to affect energy systems in the coming decades.

You can read the entire issue of CESI’s Energy Journal, for free, at this link.

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